Appreciations of MAG contributions and roles, with accolades and publications.

Royal Family of Kerajaan Mataram

Mataram Royal Decree
Title of Mantri or Baron

Mataram Royal Decree Title of Mantri or Baron

Selangor Museum Board

Certificate of Appreciation for Contributions towards the Senjata Pusaka Exhibition & Publication. Culminating in a National Record for weapons exhibits.


IFICAH is a non-profit foundation for the research of Indonesian and Japanese Cultural Assets. Founded in 2014 and is listed as an intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Adni Aljunied has been a Member of the Advisory Board.

National Heritage Board

Singapore Heritage Fest 2009
15th to 26th July

Singapore Silat Federation

National Pencak Silat Championship 2008

Majlis Pusat

Heirloom Rejuvenation Ceremony
28th and 29th February 2004

Majlis Pusat

Teater Titisan
Keris Sempena Daik 2003