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Sayembara Ratu Keris


As part of RANGSANG RIAS PUSAKA BANGSA 2024, we are hosting the much-anticipated SAYEMBARA RATU KERIS or Keris Pageantry. This was last organized back in 2006 at the Malay Heritage Centre. Many have asked for the return of this competition.

Thankfully, we are organizing this keris pageantry again, as part of the event’s programme, with the intention of celebrating and rejuvenating our traditional heirlooms. In the last edition, we had at least 70 kerises competiting, including participants from Europe and Canada, and this time we hope to do the same, together with regional participation from Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Aside from the pageantry, or competitive aspect of the event, the main intention here is to bring together keris collectors, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs for a weekend. We will have kerises from 10 categories of different regions or types showcased and eventually assessed by a group of adjudicators.



  1. Central Jawa, Cirebon
  2. Madura
  3. Bali and Lombok
  4. Palembang and Minang Kabau (Sumatra)
  5. Keris Panjang Penyalang (Execution keris)
  6. Bugis Sulawesi and Sumbawa
  7. Keris Melayu Semenanjong Peninsular
  8. Keris Melayu Riau Lingga
  9. Keris Tajong and Coteng, Thailand
  10. Keris Sundang, Philippines

Upon submission, participating kerises will be grouped together into the respective categories.


Important Pageantry Information

  • All interested participants must make prior online registration at
  • Registration closes on Wednesday, 7 February 2024, at 11.59pm.
  • It is COMPULSORY to submit two digital photographs (in clear jpeg format, no more than 1MB and minimum of 1600×1200 resolution) of the keris that will be presented at the pageantry. The first photograph is keris in sheath and second photograph is keris unsheathed with blade placed next to sheath with the best features clearly seen.
  • Only selected participants shall be contacted for the pageant and advised on the Participating Fee of $10 per keris.
  • Only selected participants who have made payment duly can participate in the pageant.
  • The organizers have the right not to accept entries that are not in accordance with the guidelines. And, the organizers’ decision is final.
  • We do allow early submission through Malay Art Gallery, please contact Mr. Adni Aljunied at +65-96701409. Also, this is to facilitate participation from overseas, all kerisses by courier must reach Malay Art Gallery through Mr. Adni Aljunied before 10th February 2024.
  • All local participating kerises must reach before Saturday, 17 February 2024 at 12pm. The schedule for the competition is as follows:
    Day 01 Saturday
    17 Feb
    10.00amEvent Day Keris Submission Opens
    12.00pmSayembara Ratu Keris Submission Close
    3.00pmViewing of Sayembara Ratu Keris Exhibition by Guest of Honour
    4.00pmSayembara Ratu Keris Exhibition Opens to Public
    4.30pmPreliminary Judging and Selection of Finalists
    9.00pmSayembara Ratu Keris Exhibition Day 01 ends
    Day 02 Sunday
    18 Feb
    10.00amFinal Judging and Deliberation of Winners
    11.00amSayembara Ratu Keris Exhibition Opens to Public
    5.00pmResults Announcement and Prize Giving Ceremony
    7.00pmCollection of Kerises
  • There will be altogether 30 kerises that will be accredited with winner’s certificates in their respective categories, with additional prizes of gift vouchers from Malay Art Gallery.


Pageant’s Rules and Regulations

  1. Each participant is allowed a maximum of 10 kerises for participation and each keris will have an entrance fee of $10.
  2. All participating kerises have to be submitted before the official cut-off time at 12pm on Saturday, 17th February 2024, and to be collected by the owner on Sunday, 18th February after the winner’s announcement and prize presentation ceremony between 7pm to 8pm.
  3. This competition is not open for other types of traditional edge weapons except for keris only, and the organizers has the right to reject entries that do not fit into the mentioned categories.
  4. Condition of kerises submitted for the competition has to be of a certain acceptable nature, as the organizers will reject kerises that comes with damaged parts or features or missing vital components of a keris.
  5. Due to the strong laws about ivory and other endangered species products, we will also reject any entries that have these materials present in them.
  6. For safety in movement and handling, we strongly advise owners of kerises to have their kerises submitted with a padded cloth covers (called singeps in Javanese) or other form of keris encasement. Malay Art Gallery can gladly provide for this service if needed by participants on the day.
  7. The organizers assure participants of the highest standards in handling and movements of the kerises. Only well-experienced authorized personnels and selected judges are allowed to handle the kerises. The public can only view the kerises but not handle the kerises.
  8. The venue is well equipped with security cameras and has security personnel on duty 24 hours. Although the utmost care will be taken in storing and handling the kerises, in the rare and unfortunate event of loss or damage to the kerises during shipping, storage, display or during judging, the organizers would not be able to compensate the owners. Participants are advised to insure their kerises for better risk management.
  9. The organizers strongly do not allow for any kind of commercial transactions or any exchanges of items between participants. Action, including disqualification, will be taken against those who fail to comply.
  10. The selected panel of judges’ decision are final and nonreversible.


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