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A Cultural Legacy

Established in 1972 by my late father, Mr. Syed Husain Aljunied, The Malay Art Gallery initially started off as a Gallery for artists to expose their works and later evolved eventually into the dealings of artifacts and artworks from the regions.

My father’s passion for the keris and weapons from these areas started when he was a teenager and as his collection grew, he eventually started to trade in them. We have licenses from the Arms & Explosive Branch of the Singapore Police Force to legally deal with edge weapons.

Having been in the business for more than three decades, we worked with the National Museum here in 1995, and with the Shah Alam Museum in Selangor, in Malaysia. More recently, working together with Majlis Pusat and the Malay Heritage Centre, we have an annual cultural and traditional keris cleansing ceremonies, providing our sincere advise and expertise to collectors, enthusiast, scholars, friendly tourist or even curious housewives!

Through the years, we have had many varieties of item and presently we are only featuring our Kerises and other weapons related items. We assure customers of accurate authenticity of our items with frank and sincere opinions about age, origin or state of our items on sale. Presently we do not (unless otherwise mention) feature newly made pieces although we do have them on sale at the showroom and will gladly entertain any interest.

From time to time we will be updating and adding more variety to our site.

Malay Art Gallery

Browse through our finely curated collection of Kerises acquired from various regions in South East Asia.

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We also provide services for complete or partial restoration or replacements of any parts relating to the keris and other edge weapons of the region. Ocassionally, during the first Muslim month of “Muharram”, we organize an event called “Upacara Suro” (Javanese) where we emulate the traditional way in which kerises and other pusakas are cleanse complete with a traditional procession and “upacara” prior to the cleansing.

Our Pledge

We are confident that you will be satisfied with any item and we guarantee it to be materially as presented. However, if the item does meet your expectations, it may be returned within 7 days of receipt for a complete refund of the purchased price, less the shipping cost, provided the item is returned in its original condition.

We advise interested buyers to please feel free without any obligations, to ask for more information or pictures of the items interested.
We are also open to any comments on our item’s descriptions.

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Our Services

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